Lead Battery Recycling Process - The best way to Recycle

Lead Battery Recycling Process - The best way to Recycle

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Batteries include a range of metals which is often reused as a secondary raw material. You will find well-established methods for the recycling on most batteries containing Lead, nickel-cadmium, nickel hydride and mercury. For a few, such as newer nickel-hydride and lithium systems, recycling remains in the early stages. Battery Recycling Plant requires that the batteries be sorted according to chemistries. Some sorting has to be done prior to the battery going to the recycling Plant. Nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal-hydride, lithium-ion and Lead acid are placed in designated boxes with the collection point. Battery recyclers claim that if a steady stream of batteries, sorted by chemistry, were offered at no charge, recycling can be profitable. scrap batteries

Lead-acid batteries still service designated market niche that batteries need to be discarded in a proper manner. The Lead-acid battery has led the way in recycling. The automotive industry should be given credit in organizing ways to dispose of spent car batteries. In the us, 98% of all Lead acid batteries are recycled.

The Lead Acid Battery recycling process starts by removing the combustible material, for example plastics and insulation. The best way for the bigger groups of plants is to crush down these batteries and undergo separation using Hydro-separation concept. It's commonly known as Battery Shredders and Hydro-separation systems. Once these Batteries are crushed, 4 typical segments are generated viz. Lead Grids, Lead paste, Separators, PP. Control Grids are melted down within the gig kettles to make Lead directly with further refinement.

Charge paste is a complex Lead compound which is smelted in high heated Smelting Furnaces for creation of Lead. Lead might be recovered by either separating different materials that make up the car battery (Lead, plastics, acid, etc.) just before metallurgical processing. Alternatively, batteries can be processed as a whole through heat treatment in a particular type of furnace with metals being recovered after his process. scrap batteries